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           Our Dog Activity Classes

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"Fun, rewarding, enabling, challenging & enjoyable"

"Myself and my crazy 18 month old cockapoo Meg have just completed level 1 Dog Parkour and we can’t recommend it highly enough! 🐾🐾
We have had great fun whilst learning something new. It puts a totally different perspective on playing with your dog at home using anything that you have to hand. No special equipment required just lots of treats! It adds something extra to just your normal dog toys and games of fetch.
The exercises also come in handy to keep your dogs attention when out on a walk.
Looking forward to level 2"

Want to try something different with your dog, building new skills

with your dog and have fun at the same time? 

Dog Parkour Classes run on Saturdays @ 10am at 

our indoor venue, Swannington Village Hall.

Payment is £60 for 4 week blocks or you can come for a taster session. 

Contact us to book your space here

Welcome to Dog Parkour! 

Dog Parkour is urban agility for your dog and we use obstacles in the environment around us to learn new skills and overcoming challenges. This can be anything from boxes to chairs to hoops to plant pots to steps.....the list is endless!

Dog Parkour is fantastic exercise for your dog, both physically and mentally - tired but happy dogs are guaranteed. 

Dog Parkour is open to ANY age and breed of dog. It is a great way for nervous or anxious dogs to build confidence in the world around them and gives excitable dogs a perfect outlet for their needs. 

As the only Dog Parkour UK certified instructor in Coalville, I ensure safety is paramount whilst teaching you new skills and have fun along the way. 

Click here to find out more!

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