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What's new?

Our popular Reception puppy training class is for puppies aged 12 - 24 weeks. 

Come and join a friendly group to learn essential life skills with your new puppy at an affordable price. 

Classes now include a free post class group walk to practice exercises in the real world!

Starting on Tuesday 6th August 2024 @ 7.15pm. 

FREE goodie bag.

FREE support group. 

FREE hand outs.

FREE post class group walk

Held at Swannington Village Hall, Swannington @ 7.15pm-8pm. Book your space here

Or contact us for more details.

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What's new?

Starting on Monday 29th  July 2024 @ 6pm: 

Our popular Reactive to Proactive dog training class for any age & breed of dog. 

If your dog barks, lunges, fixates on other dogs or people, this dog training class is for you! Owning a reactive dog can be a struggle so why not make your canine relationship better with professional dog training help? Come and join others who are experiencing the same issues and be part of our reactive dog support group. 

Held at Pickering Grange Equestrian Centre, Ellistown @ 6pm-7pm.

Session dates:29th July, 18th August & 2nd September and 26th September. 

Cost £220 per dog.

PAYMENT PLANS AVAILABLE. There are various ways you can pay - PayPal, bank transfer and debit/credit card all accepted.   

Contact us for more details or book your space here

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What's new?

Come and join our monthly walks for Dog Training on the go! 

Held in various locations around N.W. Leicestershire, our friendly group walks are perfect for people who can't commit to a weekly class. 

Individual training advice, affordable, friendly, relaxed and the chance to meet up with fellow dog owners. 

£20 per dog. Limited spaces of 5 dogs per group to ensure you get the best for your dog.

Booking is essential for our popular walks. 

Next walk - Saturday 6th July @ 9am. 

Contact us for more details here.



Our Mission

Are you looking for dog training in your area?

Are you searching for the right puppy class in your area?

Are you frustrated or embarrassed by your dog's behaviour? 

Do you need a reliable dog trainer who understands your situation and dog's behaviour?


Our mission is to provide pressure free, reward based and motivational methods of dog training to help you build your relationship with your dog.  


Canine Coaching plans are personalised on individual problems you may be experiencing with your dog(s) and our puppy training classes are fun whilst using modern, easy to follow and reward based methods. 

Each dog is treated as the individual they are and their welfare will always come first.


Your dogs needs and well being are our priority.



The Woofer Walker Services


Reception Class 5 week course - £90.00


Held at Swannington Village Hall. 

Give your puppy the best start in life with our 5 weeks puppy training course.

This course takes place in a secure hall with a small group of pups. I will coach you and your puppy the essentials of training whilst having plenty of fun as well!

Methods to suit all puppies, free hand outs, free goodie bags and free hand outs. 

Suitable for vaccinated puppies up to the age of 24 weeks. 

Please note payment for all courses are due in advance to secure booking.

Join today!




1-2-1 Canine Coaching Packages - for all ages.

Each dog has their own individual personality which is why I offer individual Canine Coaching Plans suited to problems you may be having with your dog. 


With training plans to help with essential life skills like recall or loose lead walking to over excited or reactive dogs, we have you covered. 


I am certified with Canine Principles and a qualified IMDT dog trainer.


Our methods are easy to follow and allow you the time to practice with your dog at your own pace.  

Take a look at our variety of bundles available. 

If you do not see anything suitable, please get in touch here and we can discuss your needs further.


Dog Walking - from £9 per walk

Dog walking in a variety of locations in the Coalville area. We provide fun, safe dog walks for your furry friend(s) either on a solo basis or group walks (no more than 6 dogs are walked at any one time as per my insurance terms) 

Prices start from £9 for 30 minutes and £12 for 1 hour.



As current and potential clients of The Woofer Walker & Canine Coach, you will receive a great 15% discount off Tug-e-Nuff toys (use discount code WOOFER at checkout) and a whopping 75% off of your first Butternut Box!


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What our customers are saying......

"I cannot recommend Anna enough! We have just finished our 6 week one to one course with our 2 year old Labrador. Our aim was to reduce reactivity and help my confidence whilst walking him (he’s so strong) Anna has been amazing, from day one she understood exactly what we needed and she tailored each session to our progress ensuring we had something to focus on for the following days. Today was our final session and I was beaming, we accomplished something I didn’t think I’d be able to do six weeks ago, it doesn’t stop here but Anna has given us the techniques to manage situations and allow me to enjoy walking our boy"

"Me and my son learnt so much from the 'Woofer Pups' classes. The classes were fun, engaging and relaxed. I now feel more confident as a new dog owner and more knowledgeable to tackle problematic behaviours if they arise in the future. Thanks once again"

"Anna’s classes are absolutely brilliant. Always fun and built in a way that makes it simple for dogs (and owners) and Anna’s methods have always had results for our dogs, positive reinforcement reward training has done wonders not only for our mental collie but also our nervous retriever. Anna and Jenny also walk our dogs during the day, we wouldn’t go anywhere else"

"Anna is simply brilliant- after losing our last dog in tragic circumstances we needed someone who would get alongside us, understand our fears and support us with our new pup to build a positive bond- without judgement and always with encouragement Anna helps us understand dog body language so we can with confidence introduce our pup to other dogs- can not recommend Anna enough-sessions are always engaging and bespoke to our pup. Thank you Anna"


Please contact me to discuss your requirements:


07989 386654


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Please feel free to use the form on the left to contact me with any questions you may have and I will get back to you within 48hrs. 


Alternatively, you can email me at:


Or phone:

07989 386654 between the hours of 8am & 5pm Monday to Friday.



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